Shiatsu gives a great help to the back and articulations, but also against anxiety and melancholy. It helps man in his being complete in body-mind-spirit. Shiatsu literally means "fingertip pressure". It can also be performed with the palm, elbow, knee or forearm along the meridians'
paths, channels that travel the human body
from head to feet and vice versa. The meridians from the surface penetrate deeply and bring energy to their corresponding organ or bowel, from which they take the name and in Chinese medicine doesn't only handle physiological functions but also emotional aspects. So it's possible to understand how treating the surface of the body can profoundly affect the body-mind imbalances. Energy shortage, block and excess can cause various disorders such as tension, pain, weaknesses of organs and apparatus. Shiatsu stimulates the natural self-healing capabilities of man. It's increasingly demanded and practiced for bringing great benefits in terms of maintaining and restoring body and mind wellness. The benefits of Shiatsu appear at different levels: physical, psycho-emotional, energetic.
After a Shiatsu session you feel a sense of tranquility and general well-being.
Each treatment will take place at this venue and will last 1h 15 '
The price is 40 €
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