Make it a special holiday!

Cool off in the pool after tourism!

A really cosy hideaway!

Honeymooners love Sellanraa!

A touch of luxury makes the difference!

Studio apartment

Sellanraa- A special treat!


AP. UNO The kitchen has everything you need for your cooking.

A large welcom basket for you at arrival!




AP. UNO A single bed in the double bed room.

A baby cot, a highchair and a baby bath are available when needed.

For smaller guests some toys make the difference!

Ap Due

Ap Due/Ap Due Large

Ap Due / Ap Due Large - The dining corner.

Ap Due Ap Due Large - The welcoming living area.

Ap Due / Ap Due Large

Ap Due/ Ap Due Large - This sofa becomes a comfortable double bed.

Ap Due/ Ap Due Large - The charming livingroom.

Ap Due/ Ap Due Large - The spacy en-suite bathroom.

AP.UNO The bathroom.

Ap Due/ Ap Due Large

Studio flat.

Studio apartment

Ap Due/ Ap Due Large

Ap Due/ Ap Due large

Ap Due/ Ap Due large.

Ap Due - A curtain of grapes!

This wonderful B.B.Q. is available for our guests and has herbs for your cooking growing around it.

The lovely gazebo in front of Ap Uno

Studio - The peaceful area for your meals

Enjoying the sunset.

Enjoy a peaceful stay!

The garden.

In September you can pick your own grapes!

In November you can pick your own olives!

Roses in the garden.

The garden.

Poppies in front of the view.

Sunflowers in front of the view.

The valley changes every time you look at it.

A lagerstroemia in September.

A liquidambar tree in our garden in November.

April in our garden...

A hawk visiting our roof.

A Hoopoe or "Upupa" as it is called in Italian, in our garden.

Wild foxes playing in the garden.

A hawk is "hunting" in front of our property.

Discover lovely corners of the garden!

"TORRE DI STRACCIACAPPE".This tower which " controls" the valley, is from about year 1000.

The valley in front of our property is called " Stracciacappe".

Sellanraa in Italy is inside a natural reserve with a large number of birds and wild animals.

View and garden in October.

The valley of "Stracciacappe" and lake Martignano in the distance.

Enjoy the sunset from the garden!

Lago di Vico where you also find pleasant restaurants on the beach.

The beach near the little town of Trevignano on Bracciano lake.

Lago di Vico.

Lago di Martignano where you can swim and relax.

Lago di Bracciano where you find three small, very pleasant towns. only five minutes from our property a huge adventure park.

Campagnano di Roma, our little town.

The lovely, green territory of Campagnano di Roma

The lovely countryside North of Rome.

The misterious medieval towers called Torri D'Orlando

Donkey neighbors.

Some extra help in the garden...

Sheep in the fields.

Cattle Egret ... sheep egret?

"La Mola di Maggiorana" An old mill near Campagnano di Roma.

River Tiber in Rome

The Colosseum

Saint Peter's Cathedral

Spanish Steps


Piazza Navona

Fontana di Trevi, don't miss it!

Fontana di Trevi

Rome; a unique experience!

Ostia Antica

Hadrian's Villa

The Monster Park of Bomarzo.

Cerveteri, the Etruscan necropolis.

One of the graceful statues in the garden of Palazzo Farnese at Caprarola.

Fascinating ruins are all over the region of Lazio.

Our area is perfect for "archeo exploring".

Discover history!

The Etruscans have left a big ammount of interesting sites for us to explore.

The small villages in central Italy are almost all from medieval times.

Visit the charming Italian villages in the area.

The incredible beauty of our area!

The famous Odescalchi Castle at Bracciano

The charming town of Anguillara Sabazia

One of the most characteristic corners of Trevignano Romano

Take a walk in one of the lake towns in the evening.

There are numerous restaurants in the area.

Your children are occupied playing!

So cosy, so peaceful!

Lake Bracciano an evening in December.

The large antique market in Campagnano di Roma every last Sunday of each month.

The Roman roads where rather solid compared to today's roads in Italy...

History is the main theme in this area!

Explore fascinating ruins hidden in the woods! ( Monterano Antica)